If you are an upcoming artist or a local band looking for a breakthrough then you must consider submitting your submit music to radio station or a TV a station for placements in movies or a TV series. This way you can practically create a gateway in the music world which will enable you to take your talents higher up. 



Though it sounds fairly easy to do, you should remember that there are high chances your song might not even reach the correct people in the radio or the TV stations. Here is some basic guide on how to submit submit music to radio or TV station.If you are considering radio station then a local radio station which is from your neighbor hood will be happy to play your track, as the radio station like them survive on local flavors and local news. 




The downside of this is you will have a limited publicity, the chances of major record label discovering you are almost negligible. So, if you are planning to get your track on national radio stations then you must understand few things, commercial radios do not exist for playing music. They have always existed and will continue to exist only for advertisement. Their main way of operation is selling time slots for advertisers to advertise their product, the higher the number of people they have listening to their station the higher the price they can charge for advertisement.



 The job of a program director in a radio station is to choose songs which the public want to listen so they don't take a risk of playing track from a new singer. So if you want your track to be chosen by the program director then you need to be the very best and your track has to be of top notch quality which compels a program director to play your track on their station.



If you are considering submitting it to TV station then you can do so in two ways, one directly to the music supervisor; this way you get to be your own publisher and get to keep all the royalties that you earn. The downside, you might not even be allowed to meet the music supervisor, so unless you have some contact in the music world you would better take help of a music publisher who will present your track to various supervisors and get you a deal. The downside of such an arrangement is that you will receive probably half the royalties you earn as publishers charge huge fees.