China flat screen printing machine operating cycle phase adjustment: the manufacturer will make severe adjustments according to the planned cycle phase diagram, and pin or lock it. Operation adjustment: the adjustment of the parallelism between the three layers of the guide rail, the printing plate and the working route: generally the guide rail or the route is used as the reference for the adjustment.



    ①The path and the guide rail should be parallel. The squeegee moves along the guide rail. If the two are not parallel, the squeegee will not always touch the path with a certain pressure, or even a gap. This adjustment has been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory. .



    ②The screen printing plate and the path should be parallel, otherwise the screen distance (the distance from the bottom of the screen printing plate to the printing surface) is inconsistent, causing inconsistent printing pressure and deformation of the screen printing plate. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should be guaranteed. Generally, users put forward specific requirements based on their needs.

    Squeegee adjustment:



    ① The squeegee controls the parallelism of the path, and dispatches the left and right screws to adjust the unevenness of the squeegee; the adjustable left and right jacks with jacks on the left and right of the center shaft are essentially to adjust the unevenness of the left and right sides of the ink plate.



    ②The adjustment amount of the inclination angle of the scraper is generally in the range of 65°~85°, which can be selected according to the needs.



    ③The scheduling of printing pressure is actually the adjustment of the concave-convex position of the squeegee.



    ④The length of the squeegee cannot be adjusted. Generally, it is supplied as a set, and each set has several different lengths for selection.



    Itinerary adjustment: including the adjustment of the size of the itinerary and the direction of the itinerary. After adjusting the crank and swing rod radius R hole position, the stroke adjustment is completed. R increases the stroke to increase, and the stroke length generally exceeds the image by 20~50mm.



    Net (station) distance adjustment: The adjustment of the net (station) distance can be completed by lowering the screen printing plate or raising the way. Generally, the way of raising is used. The distance between the four corners of the screen printing plate should be consistent, and the error should be ≤0.5mm. The distance between the grids is generally 2~5mm, and the distance between the front and the back is only allowed to be small when the screen is lifted.



    China Stenter Machine manufacturers squeegee speed adjustment: To be fast, all actions are fast, and to be slow, all actions are slow.