Metallic Stearates are frequently employed as the main component of a variety of goods, such as paints, lubricants, personal care items, cosmetics, detergents, and building supplies. Although it is anticipated that the industrial sector will continue to use metallic stearates, businesses in the current metallic stearates industry anticipate a significant rise in business from the residential sector. Long-chain fatty acid mixtures with various metal valences, including zinc, calcium, magnesium, and aluminum, make up metallic stearates.


They are typically offered as flakes, pastilles, granules, pellets, and small, highly porous powders. Stearates are generally utilized as acid scavengers, lubricants, and release agents in plastic goods because of their lubricating and separating qualities. When waxes and liquid wax compounds are produced, they serve as suspension agents. Also, the pharmaceutical business benefits from their releasing characteristics, thixotropic effect, and gelling capacity for tablet pressing.

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