The halfcourt offense also runs through Madden. Bales The goal of Bales is to Mut 22 coins get the ball to her low enough that she can either score or kick-out shooters when defenses collapse. Madden is making a lot of quick swing passes, which has led to the highest career average of 2.5 assists per game up to this point.

"I am a fan of (the extra accountability)," Madden said. "I know that sometimes I'm adept at getting the team to go and that's why I like whenever we can get the ball going quickly with me in the game, that could help us get more motivation."

Madden's offensive partner is Chamberlin who's perimeter skill set coincides perfectly with Madden's inner presence. While Chamberlin was struggling to shoot the ball at the start of the season, she scored 15.9 scoring per match last year, shooting 45% of her total shots, and 72 triples at 41.

Her passing ability is possibly her greatest contribution she is not the only thing Blue River boasts in shooting it lacks in guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game in 2013 is now 4.3 per game as of this season, and the defense she receives from her helps Madden and the others on the team's shooting team thrive.

"We've certainly gotten closer then when she first appeared. She was shy initially but now I and her laugh around. We've become friends when we play," Madden said. "My sophomore year we didn't really have any (knockdown) shooter so the way they stopped us was to cheap madden 22 mut coins cover me in the post. That's why we fell in semi-state. Knowing that there's Maci out there can help a lot."