Ranger Abilities
Here's a closer look at the Ranger's abilities Dark And Darker Gold. You can equip up to two abilities at a time.

Ability Name - Ability

Field Ration - You can forage for food that recovers 25 HP.
Multishot - With a bow, the next attack fires 5 arrows instead of one.
Quick Fire - Increases action speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
Quickshot - Rapidly fires three arrows.
True Shot - Arrow velocity is drastically increased.

In terms of solo play, we like Field Ration for solo healing and Quickshot for targeted damage. In a group, we might take Multishot or True Shot. We will cover these more in our Ranger build guide.

The Wizard is another one of the top tier classes in the game currently because of the excellent damage output of your Staff or Book of Spells. A new magic system was introduced with the December playtest that only enhanced the Wizard's abilities, but added an extra layer of complexity around which spells you take.

You can put out a lot of damage, but the Wizard often needs to be protected by other players, as it can be viewed as a glass-cannon (lots of damage Dark And Darker Gold for sale, very poor defensive abilities and mobility). It's still viable in solo play because the class can deal massive damage and deal with some of the tougher PvE enemies with ease.