Asus router is the router that is used for networking the device. With Asus router, you get fast internet, easy setup, cost-effective, and innovative design. If you have one, then you can smoothly set up the device quickly. However, there are times when users encounter issues like the Asus router not connecting to internet. There are plenty of reasons that might lead to the disconnection, but by following the simple troubleshooting methods, you can smoothly get rid of the issue.

Why Is Asus Router Wi-Fi Not Connecting?

If you are facing the issue of Asus router Wi-Fi not working issue, or the Asus router keeps on disconnecting, then you must identify the reason behind the one. It will help to troubleshoot the issue smoothly. One of the most common reasons why users encounter such issues is incorrect wireless network passphrases. If you are trying to connect to the internet wirelessly by the Asus router, then you need to ensure that the wireless password should be correct. The next thing is when there is any technical glitch from your ISP’s that restricts you from connecting to the internet, and then you can’t connect to the router even after entering the correct wireless network password.

Troubleshooting Steps for Asus Router Not Connecting To Internet

Let’s proceed further and know about the steps that will help to deal with the issue smoothly.

If your Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet, then check out the methods available to deal with it:

  1. Check Ethernet Cable

If you encounter an issue where the router not connecting to the internet; then your first step should be to check the Ethernet cable. In most the cases, Asus router should be connected to the modem to smoothly complete the setup process. But there are times when issues occur because of prolonged use of router or modem, and Ethernet cables get physically damaged. In such cases, the connection between the modem and router might be affected. So, you need to replace the Ethernet cable with the new one and then check if you can smoothly access the internet or not.

  1. Reset your Asus Router

The next alternative available is to reset your router and erase all the previously configured settings. You can log into the router admin console and then reconfigure the router. Let’s check out the steps to reset Asus router:

  • Start by locating the reset button of the Asus router, and you can find it at the rear end of the device.
  • Now, plug the router’s power adapter into an electric socket and turn on the router.
  • By using a pointed object like a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • When the router status light goes off, and the router reboots, then reset will be completed.
  • Lastly, use the default login credentials of the router to log into the router admin console and then reconfigure your device.

Summing Up

Asus router is an amazing router, but when you are using an electronic device, then you might encounter issues at some time. With Asus router, you will commonly encounter Asus router not connecting to internet issue then check out Asus router troubleshooting steps to deal with the issue smoothly.