Although it's the sole football madden coins game currently on the market, we weren't delighted with EA Sports' latest effort in our Madden NFL 21 review: "Madden NFL 21 faces the same problems that it had with its PS4 predecessor, as it's basically the exact same game. The presentation has made some steps forward because of the increase of hardware power however it's a long way off of the standards currently established with FIFA 21 in addition to NBA 2K21."

With a speed rating as high as 97 49ers running back Raheem Mostert is already one of the fastest players on the latest installment of the Madden NFL video game series, Madden NFL 21. He's apparently thinking he should be rated even higher.

If you're honest, Mostert has a point. Mostert was recorded by NFL Next Gen Stats as having the two fastest runs of the 2020 season- an 80-yard touchdown against the Jets in Week 2 during which he clocked 23.09 MPH and a 76-yard grab against Cardinals in Week one that saw him reach 22.73 MPH. Mostert posted highlights from the two runs to his Instagram account on Saturday. He also posted a picture of the two runs, with a request that the Madden NFL 21 score raised to a top mark of 99.

Mostert isn't just the second NFL player to have his speed rating be raised to 99. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill also made that request in the year 2018 and ended up having his rating raised to 99 after he spoke to an employee of game publishers EA Sports. Hill is currently the game's fastest player and is followed by Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs at 98 and Mostert, Ravens receiver Marquise Brown, Eagles receiver Marquise Goodwin in addition to Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman who are rated 97.

It will be interesting to see how Madden 22 coins for sale Mostert is successful in his appeal. But if anyone deserves to be placed on the same level as Hill is Mostert. Mostert was an outstanding athlete on the track in college at Purdue with an impressive 10.15-second time in the 100-meter dash and an 20.65-second time for the 200-meter dash. Hill had a run of the 200-meter race in 20.14 and a 100-meter speed of 10.19 and also once achieving a sub-ten seconds in the 100-meter dash , albeit with the help of a tailwind. Hill's most fast run of the 2020 season hit an average pace that was 21.91 seconds.