Monkey Madness 1 and 2 Access to OSRS gold caves that burst which is the best way to get to level 99 in Magic and Ranged. Through the use of Chinchompas or Ice Barrage players training there are able to damage multiple monsters at a while earning the most amount of exp.

My Arm's Big Adventure - Additional disease free herb patch - very useful for herblore or money making. Recipe for Disaster - Access for Barrows Gloves / Dwarven Rock Cake and Spicy Stews - Barrows Gloves are best in slot for melee as well as ranged players. Dwarven Rock Cake is very effective in situations when you wish to play as low hp as possible - for instance, in Nightmare Zone. Spicy Stew enhances various stats by +1, while reducing certain stats 5 levels for a short duration.

Slug Menace - Proselyte set which provides the best prayer reward for the game. Can be useful on Slayer tasks. Fremennik Isles - Helm of Neitiznot - Excellent helmet with good defensive stats. Since this item is easy to find and not degrades, it is one of the most used helmets in the game.

By completing all of the quests offered in the game, players receive by the Quest Point Cape (also referred to as QPC). As a piece of armor, the cape has +9 bonus to all defensive styles. The version that is trimmed also comes with the bonus of 4 Prayer. This item has an ability to directly teleport the wearer to directly to the Legends Guild gates which is very convenient for those that want to use Fairy Ring transport system.

In addition, players who acquire this cape while playing can buy it at an affordable price at the Nightmare Zone and perform a special emote to celebrate their achievement. Although it's one of the toughest caps to acquire in Old School RuneScape, the one that is trimmed is even more difficult. To cut a Quest Cape players have to finish all Achievement Diaries which makes it quite a time-consuming job. It's important to remember that when new quest comes into the game , players who wish to wear the cape must finish the quest (even having acquired the cape beforehand). This item will disappear and rs 2007 gold be available through NPC Wise Old man in Draynor Village.