We are a holiday lighting manufacturer. Our core lighting products include: Christmas lights accessories, etc. Let’s share the lighting effects and application areas of holiday lighting.

  Lighting effect

  The commercial competition of festivals is becoming more and more fierce. Facing the huge consumer crowd that is rare in a year, how to use festival customers for shopping malls, create maximum value income, attract consumers in the first time, and festival lighting has become many large shopping malls. The inevitable choice. The rainbow in the night sky is outstanding in this respect, which is obvious to all. Each glamorous commercial center, a shining night of personal flow, it is impossible for every immersive person to ignore the beauty and dazzling light that emerges from the sky in the night sky. The rainbow in the night sky creates a perfect shopping night, allowing businesses to become the masters of the night economy. Not only that, the category of commercial lighting is more widely used with different themes such as urban lighting festivals, urban tourism festivals, theme parks, characteristic streets, historical sites, cultural heritage, wedding celebrations, etc., which are equally outstanding.

  Application area

  City image display, city night lighting, government lighting project, government lighting project, night lighting and lighting night decoration, etc.; holiday lighting painting, lighting painting, holiday lighting, holiday theme lighting, business Spring Festival lighting, Christmas lighting, hotel lighting, Shopping mall holiday theme lighting paintings, public squares, building exterior commercial lighting, signs, signs, indicator lights, etc.; real estate lighting, building lighting, etc...

  Night Sky Rainbow and Wal-Mart, Teemall, Jiaxinmao Group, Jiuguang Department Store, Hang Lung Plaza, Intime Department Store, SM Plaza, Wangfujing Department Store, New Century Department Store, Intime Department Store, Meimei Department Store, Optics Valley Plaza, China Plaza, Grandview Plaza, Far East Department Store , Autoland Plaza, Nanjing Xinbai, Mercure Center and other nationally renowned merchants long-term cooperation shopping mall celebrations and Christmas and Spring Festival theme lighting paintings; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lenovo Group, Mercedes-Benz, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank The brand image theme lighting of top brands such as, Bank of Communications and other top brands also appeared on the streets of major cities. These commercial giants in China's international metropolis are even more attractive because of the existence of the rainbow in the night sky.

  We also have many other festive lightings, such as HALLOWEEN LIGHTS, etc. Welcome to visit our company!