The action movie is the main movie of Hollywood. Do you agree? They certainly know how to make this type of movie, some of the best action movies from Hollywood. Who doesn't like those thrilling and suspense that let you keep your seat and screen? From the stunts who fall down to the storm to chase and explode, this is the reason why the action film is so successful. In the past few years, Hollywood films have also been translated into a Print language to cater to the Indian audience. At least, the dubbing is first-class, translation is the key to the original conversation, and the Hindi dubbing artist ensures that they are in the role. So, when we sit at home, look for some movies to mad, we plan a list of the best Hollywood motion action movies, for us to see. Take a look.
Safety house
"Safety House" is a thriller in 2012, starring Ryan Reynolds, Danzel Washington and Vera Mito. The drama is deployed around the Central Intelligence Office of the Central Intelligence Agency in South Africa, the Central Intelligence Agency, Indian Agent, Matt Western (Ryan Reynolds). Then he got the chance of interrogating the CIA header wanted to Compensab Frost (Denzel Washington). SafeHouse was attacked by the mercenary mercenaries that Tobin arrived. Matt and Tobin must work together to live to find out who wants to let Tobins die. These two actors perform very well in the whole movie, very suitable for their respective roles. I believe us, when we say this, you will not be disappointed with our actions and actions.
2. "Pirates of Dream"
"The Pirates of Dream" is released in 2010, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie is an incredible action / sci-fi movie. The story is launched around Dom · Kelga DiCaprio, and he is a technically superb thief. It is best to extract, and he steals valuable secrets from people in the dream. His rare talent made him a great player in the business community, but this also made him lose everything he used to love. Only when Cobb can complete a unlucked task, he has the opportunity to get redemption. Kobe and his team of experts need to reverse tasks, they don't need to steal an idea, but need to implant an idea. If he can succeed with his team, this will be perfect, but the enemy is able to predict each of their steps. This movie will definitely make you dizzy, because it is a very interesting movie. The storyline and the actor lineup are perfect.
3. The edge of tomorrow
"The Edge of tomorrow" is a perfect action / sci-fi movie that is released in 2014. This film is starred by Tom Cruz, Emily Brown, and Bill Parkston, and the story is around the world that can't overcome the aliens in the world. William Cage (Tom Cruises) is a military officer that is always like to participate in suicide tasks, but he is killed in a few minutes. Then he found that he was trapped in a time loop, forcing himself to experience the same battle, fight and died again and again. But every battle, William can improve its skills together with the Special Forces Warri (Emily Brown). With each repetitive experience, CAGE and RITA are close to the enemy. Movies flow in a fun way, from the storyline to the script, we like this movie.
4. Crazy Mike: Rural Road
The "Crazy Max 4: Rage Road" released in 2015 is a motion. The film is directed by George Miller, Charliz Seril and Tom Hadi starring, and the story happened in the end of the planet we can't touch. On this planet, human beings do not exist, everyone is struggling for the basic necessities for life. They live in two rebels, they can restore some survival order. On the side of Max (Tom Hadi), he is a silent people who seek spiritual calm after losing their wife and children. On the other side of the movie is Furuisha (Charliz Seril), she believes that only the hometown of my childhood, I can live. The movements in this movie are fascinating, George Miller is definitely an unforgettable action film.
5. Minority report
The "minority report" released in 2002 perfectly fused the action, thrilling and suspense. The story starring Tom Cruz, who is shot, occurs in the Washington DC in 2054, where crime is almost eliminated by a law enforcement group named "prevention crime". The team has three geniuses known as "pre-cogs", and they have foreseeable future specialists, even before they are criminalized. However, "Crime Prevention" predicts that John Andon (Tom Cruises) of John Andadon (Tom Cruise) will be murdered within the next 36 hours. John is not aware of the deceased. The story continues, he decided to use the "minority report", which means that the prediction of women's prophets can predict a different story and prove that John is innocent. The cause of the audience like this movie is that its concept and story is very fresh.