Nowadays, plastic products are very popular. If a juice drink wants to stand out, its own packaging is more important than in the past. The competition on the shelves is so fierce, so the packaging design must also consider the eye-catching details. Need to attract the attention of the target audience and convey your message in a small space. Plastic juice containers have become a popular choice for juice manufacturers due to their versatility and environmental benefits. Juice manufacturers are becoming more and more creative in the design of plastic juice bottles.

  1. Color bottle caps Since transparent plastic juice bottles are most commonly used to display the natural color and consistency of the juice inside, it is becoming a popular trend to use color caps to set off the color of juice. Tamper-resistant colored hats are a popular choice for aesthetics and consumer safety.

Popular colors can evoke emotions and influence purchasing decisions, while tamper-resistant caps provide security. Many fruit juices are sold to young children as healthy alternatives to soft drinks. These juice bottles should be easy to reach for small hands.

  1. The size of the bottle: This is a design factor for juice for children, whether it is serving size or easy to grasp. Small round plastic juice bottles are usually easier for children to hold.
  2. Label printing: Juice bottlers are completely removing the pasted paper labels from their plastic bottles and choose to print them directly on the bottles. Use camera-ready artwork when creating juice bottle labels. Colors are applied individually, resulting in a clear, crisp design and long-lasting durability. The screen-printed label design is used to set off the natural color of the juice, thus presenting a colorful appearance. The screen printing process also allows textures to be applied directly to plastic bottles, thus making your brand unique and helping to attract consumer interest.
  3. Concise appearance design: In many industries including the juice market, returning to a basic appearance is a growing trend. The smallest bottle design has the most basic information and provides consumers with a quick reading of the most important details. Simple, clean designs are now more popular than lengthy, heavy-text designs.
  4. Customized promotional fonts: Juice bottlers are always looking for ways to differentiate their brands from the competition. Using custom fonts is an easy way to attract attention on store shelves. For example, handwritten fonts and cursive handwriting are often used for more personal impressions.
  5. Hire an illustrator to design juice bottle packaging: It is gradually becoming an increasingly popular trend. The illustrator is using a few quick graphics to show the entire storyline of the product, helping consumers to establish an instant, personal connection with the brand.

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