When you start the gameplay, each character's ability value will decrease to around an average sixty points. Enter college, participate in 2K22 MT the G-League or even join the NBA? When they officially start"My Career" or "My Career" mode players will be faced with the choice of "enter the college to play on the basketball team", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft."

If you choose to participate in the NBA but not be a player, the player cannot be admitted to the university to play in the G-League If you decide not to be a part of the G-League however, you will be able to participate in the NBA after the end of a season, but you are not able to go back to participate in this league in college. If you opt for a college and you want to play, you have the option of playing all three teams.

If players are looking to have the best experience or are looking to test the character's strength at hand, it is recommended to select the college league at the beginning, followed by the G-League, and finally join the NBA. In addition, if successfully win the college championship then not only will your person who won the championship also earn an extra badge, but also a higher level of skill.

It also guarantees that the character can qualify for the initial round of the NBA draft, which also means that the character will become part of a bigger team and earn a higher salary per match (VC Coin) as well as more likelihood of reaching the playoffs, and ultimately winning the title.

As long as they succeed in winning the university or G-League they will gain additional abilities. Improve your interest "My Your Brand" to draw sponsors. In addition to buy NBA 2K22 MT safe the capability parameters, the character will also be able to have additional "My Brand" values? For example "fashion" along with "music".