Get A Guide About how to setup hp printer to wifi

An offline printer is a printer that cannot take command from the device, sending the print command. However, it does not mean that your printer is broken. To know more about how to setup hp printer to wifi.  An offline printer simply cannot receive new print commands and process them. The best advice in this regard is to pause all the print jobs until the issue is resolved. Sending more print requests to the printer can create more problems, so do not send any print commands. However, if you have any print jobs in the queue, you need to cancel them until the issue is resolved, and the printer is back online. Users should save their work to do it later.

How to Fix the Issues of HP printer is Offline Windows 10

  • Use Cortana to open Devices or use the search box
  • Select Printers & scanners
  • Make sure that the box saying “Let Windows manage my default printer” is not marked. Click on the box if it is selected
  • Choose your printer from the list provided
  • If the printer is shown multiple times, then select the version which is showing online status
  • Click on Manage
  • Click on Set as Default

Quick Solutions to Fix HP Printer Offline error:

You can easily get rid of almost all the typical causes of your HP printer keeps going offline issue by working through the solutions listed here.

Solution 1: Perform basic tweaks

  • Before moving on to the technical solutions to fix the “My HP printer is offline” error, let us first perform some basic hardware tweaks. They might solve your minor issues handily.
  • To begin with, first, make sure your printer is not in Sleep Mode. Use the Power button to turn it OFF and then turn it ON properly.
  • The next one is to restart your printer. Turn the printer’s power OFF and unplug all the attached power cords. Now, wait for about 30 seconds. Then, reconnect the power cords and turn ON the printer.
  • If your system is still prompting you with an “HP printer offline” error, then read ahead to find more effective solutions for it.

Solution 2: Check the connections

  1. If your printer is not responding or is showing an HP printer offline error, then there might be a connectivity issue. First, make sure your printer is connected correctly. If you’re using a LAN cable, check to see if it’s broken or not functioning properly. If it’s damaged or faulty, consider replacing the cable. 
  2. Next, if you are using the wireless network to connect the printer, check the strength of the Wi-Fi network you’re using. If your Wi-Fi connection is disturbed, you should try to restart the router. Pause or stop any other large downloads or updates that are affecting the connection.
  3. This might help you in fixing your “HP printer keeps saying offline” error at a basic level. If not, move on to find some more fixes for HP printer Says offline problem.

How to Install the most recent HP printer drivers

  1. To begin, press Windows + I.
  2. Second, locate and launch Device Manager.
  3. Then, from the list of devices, select your printer.
  4. Now, right-click the device and select Update Driver Software or Update Driver from the menu. To know more about hp printer not connecting to wifi.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Restart your computer after the update and check for any problems.

Conclusion: If you still face any kind of issues in troubleshooting you can connect with the agents. We have a team of expert and certified agents who are having great knowledge of every term of the printer and thus they can resolve your issues on time without making you wait much. Get instant help from us and access your printer

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