Contrary to what many individuals believe, Hamilton Seaside isn't an actual place, but a variety of the titles of the company's leaders, Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach. The organization had its origins in 1904 when the 2 both worked at U.S. Typical Electrical Works in Racine, Wisconsin. Louis Beach was employed being an manufacture, and all through his time at Standard Electrical Performs, he developed a lightweight, top speed engine that had several programs and made the business one of the most successful early electronics companies.

In 1910, Hamilton and Beach remaining Standard Electrical Performs and with financier Fredric Osius and formed the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company. Seaside managed the manufacturer for the just recognized company and Hamilton handled the company and advertising end. Certainly one of their first effective products was an electric consume mixer. Who owns the Horlick Malted Milk Company, also situated in Racine, urged Hamilton and Seaside to produce a tool to produce it simpler to mix malted milkshakes, a favorite drink at the time long island Portfolio Management .

In 1911, Seaside made a glass or two machine that became very popular not just in Racine, in soft drink fountains through the entire United States. In those days, malted milkshakes were usually given by medical practioners to build strength and together can imagine, malted milkshakes were a favorite therapy! Even though drink machine was very successful, Hamilton Seaside extended to work on new products and per year later, the business introduced an electrical home engine that might be found in many different appliances, such as for instance supporters, grinders, mixers and stitching machines.

The company was successful and continued to expand their solution line. In 1921, lightweight machine cleaners were introduced, and by the finish of the 1920s their directory included liquid extractors, meat mills, floor polishers, supporters, food mixers and many other products. During World Conflict II, Hamilton Beach created engines and different gear for the United States military.