However, it's quite an identical drop table with regard to value Medium Casket - from hard difficulty to easy, you also have RS Gold an opportunity to play the hugely rare table. You can receive a variety of very expensive items like 3rd Age Equipment and Gilded Parts that have a value of hundreds, or even thousands of million (like 3rd Age Platebody). Also, items from a distinct drop table are highly valuable as they come with four items that cost over 1 million gold. Additionally the chances of getting more rolls for rewards with a hard Clue than a Medium One, so in general, those scrolls should give more rewards.

Just like the previous casket, you'll get a chance to win unique and mega-rare items with the value of even hundreds of millions. The main difference between this box and the other one is that you stand a better chances of receiving Gilded drops, and a bit smaller chance for Third Age items.

There are also less frequent drops with low overall value and more of them having 1-10 million worth like Fury Ornament Kit, Saradomin Ornament Kit, Ranger Chaps, Ranger Gloves, Sagacious Spectacles Fremennik Kilt Black Tuxedo Jacket, White Tuxedo Jacket or Dark Trousers.

And lastly, we have the best potential Reward Casket available that could find from the Clue Scroll. In this one, even from the drop table that is standard you can pick up an array of extremely expensive items. Since one casket of this tier has around 1 million in rewards value it is expected to see items from above 100k gold quite frequently.

The amount of cheap equipment isn't as large, that's why, in general, it is possible to earn a huge profit from Master Caskets. You can also expect unique and mega-rare drops just as previously.

In OldSchool RuneScape, just like in other MMO titles, you'll obtain accomplishments. They provide trophies that come in different forms, like titles, items, or a notice that you can get by performing various tasks that are notable. In the case of, for example, beating the boss that was defeated only by a tiny number of players, you might receive one.

In addition as well, in OSRS there's an unique Achievement Diary, which is an album that is a compilation of your most notable achievements in one place. Furthermore, they are also broken down Buy RuneScape Gold into specific areas of where you can get them. For instance, finishing challenges related to Varrock will result in filling in the Varrock Diary.