If your hairy back is stopping you to unbutton yourself at the beach side then you can get them cleaned. To do so, traditional methods are affordable but short-term only and they bring lots of various skin issues like skin pigmentation, ingrown hair, blackheads and whiteheads. As a result, many males and females are turning towards laser hair removal.

In this blog by Dadu Medical Centre- a renowned clinic for the Best Laser Hair Removal In Delhi will address the benefits of considering laser lights to get freedom from hairy back. Read the blog and learn about the best back laser treatment.

Cause of Excessive Hair on Back

Testosterone- male hormone is the cause of body hair. Inadequacy or over-release of the hormone leads to baldness and excessive hair growth respectively. Additionally, disorder of adrenal gland, PCOS in females, and side-effects of medication also lead to the growth of unwanted hairs. 

Benefits of Back Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal is an advanced non-invasive method. It gives flawless glowing and hair-free skin. Laser light targets the unwanted hair follicles and burns them as a result one can expect ultimate long-lasting freedom from unwanted hairs. 

Additionally, the back is the body part which can endure the climate affects the most. This makes the skin tone uneven and hairs thickened. Thick hair is difficult and more painful to remove using wax. Furthermore, the rapid use of trimmer and razors increases the density and thickness of hairs. 

Types of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Advanced laser technology offered at Back Laser Hair Removal In Delhi:


Diode laser is widely used in laser therapy for removal of thick hairs. Its wavelength of 880nm penetrates the dermal layer deeper to be absorbed by melanin of the hair follicles. 


This laser light has a wavelength of 2 to 20 milliseconds. It targets the thin, silky and fragile hairs on the lighter skin tone. 

Soprano Titanium

Soprano Titanium laser is one of the best laser hair removal therapies. In this treatment,  three types of wavelengths are used in a variety of modes. These wavelengths painlessly remove unwanted coarse or fine hair for all skin tones. The soprano titanium laser hair removal procedure is extremely rapid for big body areas and is ideal for difficult-to-reach and sensitive body parts.


This is an advanced mode of ND: YAG laser therapy. In this non-invasive procedure long-pulsed and quasi pulsed laser lights effectively treat skin tone, tattoo, acne and unwanted hair. 

Based on an individual's skin tone, hair texture and growth of hair, skin experts choose the best effective laser technique. Hence consultation with  the laser expert is indispensable.

To learn more about Back Laser Hair Removal consult this with the Best Doctor For Laser Hair Removal In Delhi at Dadu Medical Centre today!