Lecithin is a fat that occurs naturally in many foods and is essential for human health. Some manufacturers add it to foods to improve taste or texture. You can also take it as a supplement or to moisturize your skin. Lecithin is also known as soybean lecithin, egg lecithin and sunflower lecithin etc.

what is lecithin Lecithin is also used to treat memory impairment and gallbladder disease, but its effects on these problems have not been well established.

Lecithin is mainly found in soybeans and eggs. It's also found in wheat germ, peanuts, and liver.

The food additive lecithin is produced in an industrial process. For example, soy lecithin is made by mixing soybean oil with hot water. Spin the mixture quickly and separate the lecithin.

health benefits

Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Lecithin, made from soy, can lower "bad" LDL cholesterol and raise "good" HDL cholesterol. Lower LDL cholesterol means less fatty plaque builds up in your arteries and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, while HDL cholesterol helps keep LDL cholesterol and plaque away to the liver for processing, reducing the risk of blockage.
Lecithin can help breastfeeding mothers avoid blocked ducts. This condition can be painful and uncomfortable, and can cause swelling or redness in the blocked area. Blocked milk ducts can lead to infection or mastitis, a condition caused by regurgitation of breast milk that can cause pain and fever in nursing mothers.

Taking 1 tablespoon (approximately 1,200 mg) of lecithin four times daily can help reduce the consistency of breast milk and reduce the likelihood of clogging.
Researchers have been studying whether lecithin -- which contains choline, an important nutrient for brain function -- could help relieve symptoms of dementia and other memory problems. One study did show remarkable results. However, results from other studies and studies have been inconclusive, showing that taking lecithin does not provide any benefit for dementia. Experts haven't ruled out this possibility, but more research is needed to determine whether lecithin helps with memory problems.

healthy skin

Many skin care and cosmetic products contain lecithin. It works great as a moisturizer and reduces sagging when applied. Studies have shown that it is safe to use on the skin in concentrations of up to 15%.