In summer most women wear light, comfortable, revealing outfits to avoid their risks of experiencing dehydration or heatstroke. Summer attires like skirts, shorts, and tank tops provide the wearers with good comfort and health. Such summer clothing helps them keep their body temperature in balance with the hot weather outside.

With summer around the corner, probably many women get ready to flaunt their bodies in revealing clothes. However, wearing revealing clothes means ensuring the skin of the exposed body areas is silky smooth, hair free, and appealing. To help out, there are various hair removal methods available. Among them, Laser Hair Removal In Delhi performed at Dadu Medical Centre stands out as it helps in permanent hair reduction. For achieving summer-ready skin just in time, women need to start early with their laser hair removal sessions.

This article discusses laser hair removal and how it can help make summers more enjoyable than earlier.

What is laser hair removal?

It is an innovative medical procedure used by expert dermatologists to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the face and body, except around the eyes. The technique involves the use of a concentrated light beam emitted by a medical-grade laser device.

How does it work?

When the laser light is focused on the undesirable hair, it delivers its targeted thermal energy to the hair follicles that lie at the base of the hair strands. The hair follicles contain melanin pigment that gives the characteristic color to the hair. As the light passes through different skin layers and reaches the hair follicles, the melanin in the hair absorbs the thermal energy. This leads to damage of the hair follicles which further inhibits hair growth.

Laser hair removal is more effective when there is greater contrast between skin and hair color. It works only on hair that belongs to the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle. At a particular time, all hair strands are not actively growing. Therefore, multiple sittings need to be scheduled after every few weeks or even months to get rid of all unwelcomed hair at the targeted site.

Depending upon the thickness of the hair, its color, and the size of the area to be treated, laser hair removal treatment needs to be repeated about 6-8 times. The treated hair takes around 2 weeks to shed. Therefore, it’s best to schedule laser hair removal sessions before the hot months of the year show up.

What happens during a laser hair removal session?

Before starting with the procedure, both the candidates and the doctor are provided with special eye-protective glasses to prevent harming their eyes with laser light.