One of OSRS's most famous minigames available in OSRS has players fighting 6 Barrows Brothers which while not being too dangerous for OSRS Gold For Sale experienced players, can be an imminent threat to novice adventurers. You can encounter Ahrim The Blighted (level of 98 mage), Dharok the Wretched (level 115 Warrior), Guthan the Infested (level 115 Warrior), Karil the Tainted (level archer 98), Torag the Corrupted (level 115 Warrior) and Verac the defiled (level 115 Warrior).

Anyone who is willing of this challenge are able to dig graves (don't worry about it, just bring a shovel , as there is one at that site) which Morytania Swamps have hidden. The area is home to ancient graves, which now house to those who want revenge.

Similar to Kraken Like Kraken Barrows Brothers are usually fought for their drop. The loot you collect from the minigame may be worth quite a low and challenge is not that hard as you've heard. Since of that, many players who seek easy gold farm that does not rely on battle are finding the graves and haunting ghosts.

The final boss of Chambers of Xeric minigame. A massive white dragon-like creature that is one of the most difficult bosses of RuneScape which has 800 hitpoints. To reach this beast, players must go through numerous difficulties and win a combat against numerous creatures. The rewards that they take home from the fight are expensive and range from hundreds to millions.

In the list we have Twisted Bow, which is worth more than 100 billion gold pieces. In order to get such an incredible treasure, players need join together in an army of around 100 adventurers. Then  they'll fight creatures, solve diverse puzzles, use sources they find along the way and strive to conquer the ultimate boss.

Presently the most powerful boss of the Old School Runescape which in the most basic way appears to be an obese woman. Don't be deceived by her shape as her damage will easily one shoot you. Actually, Verzik is a Vampyre capable of morphing into spiders. She is a character on the Theatre of Blood with a Combat level of 1040.

In order to fight her, players will need be able to win 5 battles on the arena against bosses having a combat levels of at least 800. While this particular instance is treated as a raid, similar with Chambers of Xeric - only 5 players are allowed to challenge bosses in the Buy RuneScape Gold arena at any given time. With regards to rewards players will be rewarded with the highest quality slot-based weapons, a an extensive set of justicars, lots of herbs and  a chance to acquire the chance to have a pet. Content is only recommended for experienced combat players.