Path of Exile 3.17, which many players have been looking forward to, has been confirmed by GGG to be delayed for at least two weeks. Developer Grinding Gear Games announced that the new 3.17 expansion of Path of Exile has been postponed to February 2022. This also means that players have plenty of time to prepare for POE Currency.

The new v3.17 endgame update for PoE will not be released in January as originally planned. Developers say that the extension has been delayed “at least two weeks” and is now scheduled to be released in February 2022. This also means that the current Scourge League has been extended. 3.17 is what players expected, and it has made some major changes, including the deletion of Prophecy League and the full completion of the massive overhaul of the endgame Atlas system launched in v3.16.

GGG said that as they end 2021, they want players to understand what will happen to Path of Exile’s next large-scale expansion in early 2022. It is currently expected to launch the 3.17 expansion pack in early February. This means that the Scourge League will be extended for at least two weeks. By convention, it will make their livestream announcement about a week before the release of the expansion. They will provide some juicy Twitch Drops for the audience.

They will confirm the exact date as soon as possible, but they know that their regular schedule has been delayed by at least two weeks so far. They want to give their employees the freedom and flexibility to take a summer vacation in New Zealand and recharge for the coming year. Once their team recovers, they will determine the exact date and notify the players. During this time, players can use plenty of time to buy Chaos Orb to grab the tail of the league and get excellent results. They can also prepare enough POE Orbs for the upcoming 3.17 expansion.