There are many tools and machines that are essential to farming activities. The Shaktiman rotavator is a popular agricultural tool used for soil preparation in farming. It is a strong machine that assists farmers in saving time and labour while preparing their fields for agriculture.

The Shaktiman Rotavator has a series of sharp blades attached to a rotating shaft, which churns and tills the soil, breaking up clumps and preparing it for planting. The blades are arranged in a helical pattern, which ensures that the soil is turned evenly, creating a consistent and uniform seedbed. The machine is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the kind of soil and the amount of field to be cultivated.

One of the key benefits of the Shaktiman Rotavator is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including preparing seedbeds, mixing fertilizer and manure, and leveling fields. The machine is also highly efficient, able to cover a large area quickly and with minimal effort. This makes it ideal for small farmers who may not have access to larger, more large  equipment. They can be fitted to tractors with a minimum of 12 HP and a maximum of 140 HP.


Shaktiman's Best Rotavator Model in 2023


There are several Shaktiman rotavator models available on the market at affordable prices and in a variety of sizes. The Shaktiman rotavator comes in many sizes, including 6 feet and 7 feet. The following is a list of the top models that are available on KhetiGaadi:

Jumbo Series Rotavator: The maximum operating depth is 130 mm, and it may be attached to tractors with a range of 60 to 140 HP.


Champion Series Rotavator: It is suitable for tractors in the 45–120 HP range and has a maximum operating depth of 130 mm.


Mini-series Rotavator: It can be hooked up to tractors with a horsepower range of 12 to 35 and has a working width between 887 and 1253 mm.


Atom Series Rotavator: It may be operated by tractors in the 20 to 30 HP range, and its working width is between 1055 and 1255 mm. It is compatible with tractors like the Farmtrac ATOM 26 and Mahindra 265 DI.


Regular Light Series Rotavator: It is suitable for tractors in the 25 HP to 65 HP range and has a working width ranging from 1307 mm to 2107 mm.

Features of the Shaktiman Rotavator


The Shaktiman Rotavator is versatile machine equipment that can be mounted to a tractor and used for a variety of tasks.


  • The gearbox arrives in single-speed, semi-automatic, and multi-speed variants. Lower hitch brackets that are adjustable are included.

  • These rotavators are available with L, C, and J blades.

  • They have a chain and gear-driven side gearbox in an oil bath.

  • The rotavators are equipped with adjustable skids made of ABREX material.

  • They feature board springs on the back.




The Shaktiman rotavator models are available in a variety of sizes and features. Some of the primary needs are as follows:


Rotavator compatibility: They are appropriate ,  for range tractors of 12 to 140 HP.

Working Width: Their operating width is between 633 and 3668 mm.

Working Depth: These variants can function down to a maximum depth of between 50 and 150 mm.

Transmission Type: There is a side gear and a chain gearbox on them.

PTO HP: The PTO HP range for these rotavators is 8 to 119.

Weight: The weight varies from 151 to 1167 kg according to the wide range of the products.

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