Editor's note: in the fourth quarter of Mut 22 coins a match against the Raiders and Broncos on Dec. 2 in 1990, Jackson achieved a record-breaking 62 yard rush-to-the-goal, breaking five tackles en route to the goal line. He finished his day with 13 carries that totaled 117 yards and two scores.

The game in Denver as soon as I passed my linemen ran over a linebacker, jumped over another. If I'm not mistaking it I ran into their All-Pro linebacker, [Karl] Mecklenburg who sprinted past the defensive back to where the line of goal was. This is one play that sticks out for me because I had to do everything I could to making someone miss, to jump down, to get low and run for 60 yards for scoring.

What went through your mind when you saw you on the Madden cover?

I just sat down and thought to myself, "Man, you still got it. I did it right. This is what I say to guys similar to Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley Take it slow and do it correctly. If you're doing it right the first time, you'll be remembered forever.

The Madden curse shouldn't affect you in the moment is it not?

How do you get rid of the Madden curse? [Laughs.] It's impossible to be affected.

You didn't play with yourself as part of Tecmo Bowl. You're going to play by yourselves in Madden?

I'm not sure. But the thing that I'm currently doing is spending a lot in time playing with my brand new grandson. So I'll probably get the game and save it for him. However, I'm eager to see it come out. Trust me when I say that I'll have a case of Madden games ready to give away to my family and cheap Madden nfl 22 coins friends as Christmas presents.