Challenge Commercial Collections provides the most efficient debt recovery service in Gold Coast. Contact with our professional debt collectors in Gold Coast. 

Traditional Debt Collection Services

All accounts received will be actioned the day it is lodged with us. We suggest an Immediate phone-call, followed by a demand letter. Our Software schedules this for the next contact date, and if no payment is received after calls and demands, we may suggest proceeding with Legal action after we have ascertained the chances of recovery, e.g.: Debtor owns property, car, Assets etc.

Please note we have a lot of requests in regard to adding our debt collection fees onto the debt. Under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (Commercial Agent) we are unable to add these fees to the debt.

We are however able to add the majority of Legal fees and interest, this can be discussed if you endeavour to proceed with legal action.

Credit checks
Every day, Australian businesses offer credit to their customers, and we here at Challenge Commercial Collections can help you make informed decisions regarding the ability of your clients to meet their future commitments.

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