First and important, the invention of EFT Roubles  the subsequent raid map, Streets of Tarkov. The Streets of Tarkov have been showcased via photographs, standards, and the trailer throughout the PC Gaming Show event, which determined its beautiful environment. This map is designed to growth the same old player potential in the course of a raid, with an estimation of around forty+ gamers being able to be a part of the equal raid.

We haven’t heard nor seen some thing approximately the imminent Cultist quests and storyline, so we truely trust that the next day’s movement may also focus on that as nicely. Otherwise, new upgrades and objects also are expected to be determined (such as the armor plates), which might be expected to reach with the 12.8 update. Quality of life discussions may want to potentially stray the principle attention and take a huge bite of tomorrow’s show off too. Until tomorrow, lengthy stay hardcore!