How to change the legal name in Coinbase?

Coinbase asks users to verify their identity before starting trading. To complete the identity verification in Coinbase the name that you have chosen while creating the Coinbase account profile must match with your legal name. But in case you have updated a different name while signing up for your Coinbase sign-in account then you need to change it by following the right path. For the convenience of the users, Coinbase allows them to change their legal name easily. But to do so, you will need to sign in to your Coinbase account. After accessing your account, you are allowed to change the legal name of your Coinbase account. Make sure to type the name carefully and it should match with the name as it is mentioned on your identity proof.

Way to change the legal name in your Coinbase

You can change the legal of your Coinbase account by visiting the personal info section of your Coinbase account. Make sure to use the correct username and password details while logging in to your Coinbase sign-in.

  1. Open the browser or Coinbase mobile app
  2. Head to the login page and type the login details
  3. Now, you need to check the password and username of your account
  4. Then, get to the ‘Login’ button and tap on it
  5. Now, navigate to the profile section of the Coinbase account
  6. Find and click the ‘Legal Name’ option under the ‘Personal info’ section
  7. When asked, provide an ID document to complete the process
  8. If necessary, complete the email authentication process
  9. Now, get to the ‘Submit’ button and click on it
  10. Finally, you have completed the process to change the legal name in Coinbase

After submitting the name change request, Coinbase will verify the request with the help of the uploaded ID document. 


In short, the name of the Coinbase account profile can be changed successfully in case you provide a clear photo of the identity proof. Make sure to provide a valid ID to complete the name change process successfully in Coinbase. Users who are looking for help to perform the task to change the name of their Coinbase Sign In account can approach the steps that are given above on this page. Hopefully, you have changed your Coinbase legal name by referring to this post.                               Read More about : Access to Coinbase Account | Quick Access To Coinbase Account |  Quick Access To Wells Fargo Account |