Acne is the most common skin issue that almost everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. Even though these bumpy, painful acne go away by themselves, many of them leave stubborn scars on the skin. These acne scars adversely affect one’s exterior beauty, mental peace, and confidence. As a result, many turn to anti-marking creams and makeup tips. But all these hacks give unsatisfactory results. In such circumstances, getting rid of acne scars might be a challenge for many. But to manage aesthetics and self-confidence, skin doctors in Delhi indulge in providing the best acne scar treatments.

In this article from Dadu Medical Centre- a medical centre for the Best Acne Scars Treatment In Delhi, one of the top-notch skin specialists in the town will address causes and treatments for acne scar removal. Read the article to learn about the treatment options.

Causes of Acne Scars Formation

The process of acne’s formation clogs the skin pores with skin’s oil and tiny particles of dirt and toxic climate. It damages the skin tissues and forms a variety of acne like painful bumpy acne, inflammatory blackheads, whiteheads etc. The damaged skin tissues form scars after the removal of acne from the skin. In addition to skin tissues, the below-mentioned factors also evolve around the development of acne scars:

  • Some people have extra-sensitive skin, hence slight environmental change, cosmetic use causes acne and acne scars.
  • Diet plays a vital role to make skin disease free. Skin already has a natural moisturiser called sebum oil. Therefore , people are advised to avoid the consumption of excessive oil-based food, because it affects the functionality of sebum glands, which form acne and acne scars.
  • Ultraviolet rays of sun are harmful for the skin. It damages skin melanin and makes the skin dull, pigmented, and scared.
  • Hormonal imbalance is one the major factors which cause acne and acne scars. This imbalance usually occurs at the time of puberty. But many adults, due to work-life imbalance, stress and unhealthy lifestyle also have to undergo such skin concerns.

Females have the high-tendency of hormonal changes caused by puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause etc. Even though males never experience such change, due to weak immune systems and unhygienic habits, many males regardless of age also have to endure such conditions. Acne scars are embarrassing for many of them. Hence, some of the best acne scar treatments recommended by top-notch skin doctors in Delhi are listed below:

  1. Tixel
    It is an advanced non-laser scar removal method. In this method, heat energy that causes thermolysis is used to repair damaged skin. This stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body, along with the initiation of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

  2. Dermaroller
    The best candidates for this surgery are only those with mild scarring. A portable tool with some microneedles called a “derma roller” is rolled on the skin to create tiny punctures. These wounds prompt the body to produce additional growth factors because they stimulate the healing process, which leads to the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and other essential substances. To hasten the healing process, the modified or enhanced derma roller therapy procedure uses hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, growth factors, and other additions.

The wounds caused by derma rollers aid these compounds in penetrating deeper into the skin layers and more effectively processing the healing process. Applying cold packs can provide some temporary relief from the agony brought on by the microneedling damage. To get the desired results, only a few sessions of regular interval derma roller therapy are needed.