This is in contrast to metal stents, which can cause inflammation and scar tissue formation, leading to a condition called restenosis, where the artery becomes narrow again. By promoting natural healing processes, bio-engineered stents have the potential to reduce the risk of restenosis and improve patient outcomes. Metal-based Bio-Engineered Stent are a type of medical device used to support open heart arteries. They are comprised of metal alloys. They can be used to treat various cardiac issues, though they are frequently used to treat coronary artery disease.

Due to the rising demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases like coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease, and the growing geriatric population . Because it widens the blood vessel to prevent artery blockage in cardiovascular disorders such coronary heart disease and ischemic heart disease, Bio-Engineered Stent play a significant role in contemporary healthcare.

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