How to get rid of the smell of sewage in the home



 Apple vinegar pour a cup of apple vinegar in the center of the sewage drainage sewer, or the openings leading to it, and leave for at least an hour without drainage in the sewer with a foul smell, and then boil two liters of water, and pour in a single burst in the sewer .

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Disinfectants A large number of disinfectant products are available in the market to eliminate the smell of sewage.

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These disinfectants contain a number of chemical compounds that help to eliminate the bacteria and fungi that multiply in the sewage pipes and cause the foul smell, and the use of any of these disinfectants according to the method described on Cover the cover, taking into account the opening of windows and doors of the bathroom or kitchen and wear masks during use, so as to protect the self and household members of the powerful chemical smell that emits. Cleaning Sewage Sewage Large and medium-sized waste and dirt often enter the sewers. If the dirt accumulates around each other, the sewerage will be blocked and the water will be blocked.

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 This will cause the foul smell and flooding of the sewage. This problem can be solved by cleaning the sewage pipes, using the appropriate sewage path, or cleaning them with a tube that is thin and long enough to reach the place of the obstruction.



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In case of minor obstruction, the special products of the sewers can be used, defrosted and poured in accordance with the instructions Envelope. Renewal of Sewerage As with other raw materials, the plastic of sewage pipes can be damaged, cracked and sometimes broken. This leads to leakage of sewage and its smells and dirt.


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 It is important to use a specialist in this field to detect the condition of sewerage in different House parts, repair or replacement of damaged ones. Good ventilation Take care to ventilate rooms with sewerage such as the kitchen and bathroom by keeping the windows open for hours on a daily basis, allowing the sun to enter the room, and using repelling devices such as air suction devices.



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