2022 upcoming action movie reviews
I can't think of how many classic moving movie reviews this year, but I think this is still due to coronavirus disease; in 2022, there may be some highlights, so let's take a look at what will happen next.
At present, only the "small yellow" sequel is about to be released, so there is still a quiet aspect of JCVD, but I hope that we can see new news soon. "Blood Radial" fans are too cool, so unfortunately it will never happen ... Maybe we will eventually see Frenchie / The Eagle Path, but I will show this.
"Anny" has no exciting things, although Dogesflix's drama is shooting, so we will continue to pay attention. Why is there a King Conan?
Steven Sigl is only "spear" will let him reconcile him with K'Kersman.
Bruce Willis will be in the "White Elephant" in Jesse Johnson, who is in the Olga Kurylenko, telling ahead When the Marine Corps of the Marine Corps is forced to fight for gangs, they must fight with conscience and honorary guidelines.
Wealth Action: Fake
Jason Statham will cooperate again with the Guy Ritchie in his action comedy to tell a story called Orson Fortune, he must track And blocks the billionaire Arms Arms, Greg Simmonds, sells a fatal new weapon technology.
This is my first choice, because it is the film of Silvester Stallon tries superhero, telling a little boy to know that a superhero that is considered to be missing after a epic battle 20 years ago Live story.
"Death" 4
Speaking of Hill, we will not forget the "Death Squad 4", I believe this movie will be released in 2022; it has not released the date, but I estimate may be in the second half of next year. Tony Jia and Ike Uvis are also together, but there is no sign of Wesley Sneps or some other staff, this is disappointing. Anyway, I will go in the night.
John Core 4
Honestly, this movie is more excited than the "Death".
Accident people 2
Scott Adkins just announced that the "Accidental Man" sequel has been taken, so this movie is likely to be released later in 2022. This time, he must be the best assassin in the world to protect a black hand branch, and save his only friend's life, and re-ignite his mad father's relationship.