This is usually a huge error made by new players and those who don't know the best ways to improve their prayer. We don't recommend you take this approach. It is the wrong choice - even when you are at the level of a f2p player that is still better to OSRS GP deposit regular bones into a bank or big bones (which are best free for playing bones) and then use them for any altar instead of to put them in a grave. Explore the guide for more methods that are worth of your time. And remember to never bury bones by yourself.

From the worst possible Prayer leveling technique, we are getting to the fastest. The majority of players who wish to increase their prayers use Gilded Altars located in Player Owned Houses (POH) to achieve this. Don't worry - you don't require 75 Construction in order to begin with one, but if you have you can get one within your home.

This is a great method because the trips between receiving bones and breaking them up are extremely quick and don't need much. Furthermore, you can get three times the normal experiences that result from burying your bones. If you're interested in starting using Gilded Altars just follow these steps:

Bring all the bones you'd like to sacrifice as a marked item. Take some gold and clear the remaining slots in the inventory (leave only gold and bones). Take a trip to Rimmington (easy method of getting there is to use the Amulet of Glory to tp to Draynor Village). Switch to 330 World, which is the official server site in Player Housing.

Visit the nearby NPC Phials in general store . He will remove bones for you for five dollars each. You can go to the House portal and people will be there to announce different houses owned by the players. Select one of those names that are mentioned by the people, and then click the portal. Go to the house of friends option and type selected name. Find the Gilded Altar, and buy RS gold then sacrifice your body parts on it. Make sure both burners are burning lit.