Epic Games introduced tornado as well as lightning to the battle royal mode of online shooter Fort Evening on January 11.

As a new climate, tornado as well as lightning show up!

The tornado that the look of the chapter 3 began in 2015 also showed up. It accompanies a likelihood during the battle royal mode, touching the hurricane, hurrying up and also rolls up as well as drops to the ground. It is advised to make use of as a means of movement of smoother.

Lightning to be beaten from dark clouds flushes out the outpoint, and also the player is temporarily due to a slight damages to the gamer with a mild damage. It is claimed that high places under dark clouds and the chance of striking a lightning in the water-rich area.

Tornado Week held from January 17

Fort Evening is distributed to PC/ PS5/ PS4/ Xbox Collection X|S/ Xbox ONE/ Nintendose button (Battle Royal)/ Android (Battle Royal).

It begins a new climate debut from 11:00 pm to January 17 and begins an event where the likelihood of event of tornades will certainly boost.


Flagan re-appeared

On top of that, with the appearance of twister and also lightning, the flalgan can additionally be made use of again.

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