Stories about fairytales are enjoyable. They usually feature the fair maiden who conquers obstacles to become a beautiful princess. There is usually an evil stepmother or villain and then there are people who support the main character along the way in blue world city Islamabad. For the quest to discover Prince Charming, all you need is optimism, faith, and a fairy Godmother. When applying this fairytale for real estate, and Staging, are houses for sale needing a more appealing presentation in any way?

In real estate the fair maiden is the property that is in need of some attention and cleaning and a new dress to put on to go to the ball - or in this instance, to be staged and displayed together with the other gorgeous homes for sale. And the fairy Godmother is an experienced ASP Stager who is not equipped with a magic wand but with talent and creativity to transform drab spaces into gorgeous rooms. Stagers transform the plain into something exceptional. The problem is the market competitionand the disbelief that any effort can result in a change. The pumpkin becomes the trucks to transport the inventory needed to add the "wow" factor. White mice are Stagers who assist us in our tasks. The stable horses are the muscles - movers that might be used. And there you have "Stagerella" - the story of preparing a house for its prince.

Search the internet for listings and you'll be amazed by what's in photos. The camera's eye does not lie. The estimated 90% of buyers are online first to see what houses are potential to purchase, why is it that both sellers and Realtors don't understand how important it is to put stunning photos of staged houses on the web? It's similar to Cinderella going to the ball wearing her pajamas and hoping that Prince Charming to look her up the same look. It would not happen. What is the reason sellers and Realtors expect a buyer to give their house another look even though the house is covered in dirty clothes?

There are sellers who don't believe their house is worth change, instead opting to be an Ugly Stepsister - destined to be ignored and undervalued. Yet, every home could have an Cinderella story. It starts with a plan and working with someone that will see beyond the rags and reveal the potential princess hiding in the shadows. When the market is declining, the impact of Staging is even more crucial. Every home should be invited to the ball wearing the most elegant attire. Statistics show that Staging is an important marketing tool. Presentation is important and buyers want to feel good about the purchase.

So put on the ball gown, style your hair, and dress to meet the Prince. A house needs to be clean, de-cluttered and presented as it should be to sell. Instead of sitting longer than required and dropping more in value than it is needed staging a house can attract a Prince of a buyer - and they will enjoy a happy life for the rest of their lives.

Jennie Norris, ASPM / IAHSP is an Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM) and owner of We Stage Sacramento, a full-service Home Staging firm that serves the greater Sacramento region. She was the one of the first Home Stager to launch a business in the region and has staged thousands of houses. She was lucky enough to be part of national Home Staging shows for ABC's 20/20, and the NBC's Today Show. A local source for media and newspapers, Jennie is an acknowledged specialist in the field of Home Staging.