The industry of coffee is growing since the past few years. We've seen coffee houses to sell spring up and being bought up all over the high street. In reality, it appears that every third square meter in any given town is cafes, coffee shops for sale in Islamabad as well as a cake shop or another variation of the same idea.

The reasons why coffee culture has suddenly begun to catch fire are not clear, but what is certain is it's a popular idea that is loved by millions of people and consumed across the globe.

The problem is though, with the number of coffee shops for sale the high streets and towns are beginning to become filled with. Although it's not common to walk into a place and be no customers inside at all, it's uncommon to order a drink only to see the shop so popular that there's barely room.

This means that if you're looking for coffee shops for sale then you need to be able to distinguish yourself. Find an area of interest, a distinctive selling point, a reason to make people choose you over the other options. It might be that you provide the finest drinks at extremely affordable prices but it is a position easy usurped by a savvy competitor.

So why choose an mobile franchise over a static model?

There's no requirement to locate premises

While a mobile coffee van does not require you to find the most desirable location and pay the outrageous prices for the rental that goes with it. You pay for the van, and take it to where the people want your excellent drinks and tasty snacks. You don't have to fight for a place with the shoppers because you don't need these, you've got catering and events catering to, thank you for that.

Coffee shops have been opened

It's possible that you've spotted in the first paragraph of this post, but the cost of coffee shops is two a penny. They make up a huge percentage of the market, therefore if you choose to venture into the business, you'll be fighting for a spot which already has others doing the same. Vans aren't as popular, and they're not fighting for the same plots so you'll be setting the foundation and creating a base of customers in a new sector instead of trying to get into it at its maximum.

You're the boss.

It's your choice to work when you want, and in the way you'd like to work. In a cafe, you'll likely need staffand this can be a source of pressure to your business model. Your organization skills don't have to be as impressive when it's just you who must organize.