get the speediest response on Discord by and large. At the hour Rocket League Trading of making, 55,402 of the 175,903 people are on the web, so the neighborhood amazingly unique.

There are two or three reprimands to trading, in any case. In any case, you'll must have purchased somewhere near 500 credits (the 500 credits associated with the starter pack count). Accepting you purchased Rocket League before the permitted to-play update, you can neglect this impediment.

You can trade with players on a comparative stage as you, however since Rocket League has cross-development, you can sign in to any stage to see your tradeable things. There are a couple of things you can't trade, including covered Blueprints, things purchased from the shop, and additional presents. Moreover, you can't trade credits for credits or credits to no end. It should be RL Prices credits for a thing, and simply a solitary player can offer credits.