Engineers Australia’s Stage 2 competencies” are the expression of the profession and the skill base and knowledge. The application of engineering abilities and the values of professional skills must be demonstrated to practice unsupervised and independently. The “stage 2 competency standards” were used as the basis of the assessment for the chartered membership of the Australian engineers. Chartered membership is exclusive and valuable for Australian Engineers. This membership is a professionally recognized business, government and public worldwide. The “Stage 2 competency Standard” values the engineers are applicable for all the engineering units and the elements of the indicator and competence are generally contained for each and every individual unit. “Engineers Australia’s Stage 2 Competencies” are important and enough valuable for the engineers no matter from which ground they are.

The necessary expectations from Experienced Professional Engineers 

       Engineers should understand the requirements of the clients, the stakeholders and also the societies.

       Making the policies that are informed appropriately with the consequences and possibilities to the extent

       Development of suitable solutions that will make the perfect project without risk

       Take care of the consideration of the technical and non-technical integration.

       The theory and the fundamental principles with all the aspects of the project, process and program.

       The engineers should understand the relationship between experiences, practice and new developments.

The elements of indicators and competence are contained in the individual units and the capabilities are the competence elements that are necessary for each unit. The necessary competence of the demonstration is considered and also guided by attainment indicators.

The Importanrt documents for the application

The necessary documentation is undertaken for the process of application of the CPEng as a professional engineer. The evidence of the engineering claims is documented by all the necessary documents. Some submission requirements are necessary by Australian Engineers for Chartered engineers. “Engineers Australia’s Stage 2 competencies” and the “Stage 2 competency standards” are important for the engineers and it helps to gain skills, knowledge and new developments. The overall involvement in the engineering projects is documented by the competency claims. The engineer should use proper wording in the CDR reports that are essential and important. These are following rules and systems that are focused on the “stage 2 competency standard” The candidates need to show their commitment to demonstrate and survive the values of their work area and the obligations of engineering professions.