Between the basketball-focused inaugural style and the Buy Cheap Yeezy 350's reimagining, the Nike Dunk Low, designed by Peter Moore in 1985, has come a long way. While several releases over the past year have made silhouettes more accessible than they have been in years past, models continue to enjoy an exclusivity vibe that the newly-emerged gold and silver pairings help to perpetuate. Similar to countless previous pairs, the latest Nike Slam Dunk features a clean white leather base. A stack across the forefoot and heel showcases the sneaker's most eye-catching metallic style. A shimmering silver wraps around the toe, while a matte gold adds life to the toe box; a more dazzling hue takes over the nearby "Nike" lace dubrae, appropriately "jeweled." The "University Red" hues also appear on the top of the tongue and heel, but they complement the aforementioned metallic hues that also take over the upper and lower panels on the sides.

In short, the Sneakers2090 PLT.AF.ORM is the latest reworked version of the classic shoe, and it takes the original shape and changes everything from the paneling to the sole. But when you compare it to previous iterations, there's a clear line running through it over time. The Swoosh is likely to be one of their best redesigns yet, and they'll continue to back it up with a few launch colorways. Here, the shoe is seen in shades of pink makeup, adding a hint of femininity to the catalog. Unlike the "three whites" seen before, not all colors are one color. For example, the sole is more neutral in tone, contrasting with the spring feel of the dislocated Swoosh, flipped leather and contrasting stitching. Although the branding on the tongue and heel is white threads, they scatter very little from the overall palette.

Most recently, the Swoosh Group New 2021 Jordans launched the Nike Dynamo Go, a kids-specific sneaker equipped with FlyEase technology similar to the previous release for people of different abilities. According to Nike VP Kevin Dodson, when designing the laceless shoe, Nike's children's footwear product team had a clear goal: "To make it easier and faster for people to put on their shoes. "No doubt some kids focus on palettes, color blocks and other aesthetic aspects, but all kids are obsessed with a moment of fun, and this Dynamo Go makes it unlike any pair of sneakers before it. Similar to Nike Sportswear's classic FlyEase solution, this latest kid's shoe features a collapsible heel that works with a laceless tongue for easy on-off and a hands-free experience. Reminiscent of the upper, the curved Nike Air Max plus introduces both playful, colorful expressions and functional stability for side-to-side movement. Finally, the pillow-like cushioning under the foot is supported by grippy rubber in high activity areas for reliable and durable use. In addition to the flyee-equipped Dynamo Go sneakers, Swoosh also launched a line of "Play Pack" banner apparel aimed at older kids. The tops, jackets, hoodies and pants sections of the collection are designed following the same accessibility principles as footwear.