Minecraft should be installed on your Xbox when the account has been set up. As soon as the game is done loading, you will be able to use a lot of crossplay options.

Suppose you own a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5. What if you own both? In this case, you will need to own the Minecraft game as well as a second device that can connect to the Internet to play. Check to see if you have a valid Microsoft account again. If this is your first time, sign up for one if you need one.

Check to see if your PlayStation console is still connected to the Internet. if you don't already own a copy of Minecraft, you can buy one from the digital store in your PlayStation menu.

If you have done all of the steps above, you can now open Minecraft. The game gives you a simple way to sign in to your Microsoft account. The benefits of this choice will also be explained. At some point during this process, you'll be asked to go to the https //aka.ms/remoteconnect web address.

It's just that this URL will need to be looked upon by something other than your PS4. Tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones are all good choices for computers. Once the webpage has opened, enter the unique number that is shown on your PlayStation console screen in the correct field and press "Next" to move on to the next step. To connect to your PS4 or PS5 console, follow these steps.

A confirmation screen will usually show up that says that your Xbox Live account has been linked to Minecraft. You can then use all of the unique crossplay features that were talked about earlier.