Market overview

Automotive ignition coils are often used in vehicles that help to induce the engine coils. This further produces an electric spark that helps in the movement of the vehicle. They are majorly used for efficient and smooth functioning of the engine, and thus the productivity of the engine is also increased. The automotive ignition coil aftermarket stood at a global market value of 11.18 billion in 2032. 

The forecast period of the market is predicted from 2023 to 2032, amid which the market was anticipated to hold a major market share all globally. The market was registered with a healthy growth rate of 5% of CAGR.  There has been a prominent increase in vehicle production which is considered to be one of the major market drivers. With the increase in urbanization and change in lifestyle, people prefer more luxurious vehicles in most developing countries. There has been constant development in ecommerce development activities, because of which commercial vehicles have risen in demand.


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The installation of ignition coils in the vehicle has led to a rise in the number of ignition coils. Factors like such have also increased the per capita revenue leading to increased living standards. The automotive ignition coil aftermarket is thus being driven by certain factors. The market demand is also further steered up by replacement vehicles. Besides, the electric vehicle industry has been growing as an integral part of the global market. As a result, it provides potential and sustainable opportunities to the market. Several environmental concerns have driven the government into taking initiatives that promote the automotive ignition coil aftermarket.

However, there have been factors that have restricted the market growth and development. The government imposed certain lockdowns that hampered the supply chain of the market. The import and export of the raw materials were stopped, and it led to the manufacturers and the retailers suffering several losses. Several manufacturing units were shut down, as a result of which the demand for the vehicles came down. The automotive ignition coil aftermarket is, however, predicted to demonstrate satisfactory growth owing to the revenue it collected in the post-pandemic period.

Market segmentation

The automotive ignition coil aftermarket is divided into vehicle and product types.

By product, the divisions include ignition coil rail, electronic distributor coil and double spark coil. By vehicle type, the market is again divided into light and heavy commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Regional analysis

The market has been spread over parts of north america, with dominance in certain regions like the us, chicago and mexico. Other parts with the dominance of automotive ignition coil aftermarket included asia-pacific, australia, saudi arabia and south africa. In terms of future rate analysis, the market has been driving its presence.

Recent development

Major key players like beru, robert bosch, valeo, and delphi are functioning in their market dynamics. This has led to some major developments in the automotive ignition coil aftermarket. Some of them are:

  • In jan 2021:Denso launched its own ignition coils that increased productivity in automobiles.
  • In sept 2021:Hitachi astemo invested a sum of $56 million in the safety creation of ignition coils.

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