There is no one-size-fits-all way to win paperwork and write a motivational essay for a scholarship. If you collect all the application forms you've ever won, you'll have a hard time determining what they have in common. Each has its own distinctive style used by the author, a unique way of looking into your past, present and future.

That uniqueness is the key to success, and it's the first thing you should keep in mind when filling out your study abroad scholarship application. Make the essay exceptionally personal, personalize it, delve into your preferences and your subject matter, and produce an answer that only you are capable of. This is the kind of individuality that catches the examiner's eye when selecting a winner.

I won the 2013 Leadership Fellowship from QS, and I base the recommendations on my personal experience of writing a motivational letter. However, they can be applied to any scholarship essay writing.

Read and reread the essay questions you are asked to answer and identify key themes.

In my case, the essay statement was, "Where have I demonstrated responsible leadership, or innovation, and how has it impacted my community or my work." I identified the key themes as "leadership" and "impact on the community."

Understand the significance of the key themes.

After identifying the key themes, it's important to understand what each of these ideas actually mean beyond the entry level. For example, I realized that "leadership" also meant the consequences that my leadership had: the actions taken and the results, not just a description of the position I held and my responsibilities. The deeper you understand the meaning of each topic, the more examples you can describe to demonstrate your abilities.

Fill your essay with key words and their synonyms used in the original statement.

By using key words from the original statement throughout your text, you will demonstrate your commitment to the issue at hand. For example, I have made a special effort to ensure that the concepts of "leadership," "innovation," and "community impact" run throughout my essay.

Make the beginning of your essay engaging.

Is unemployed professors legit? If you find it difficult to begin your essay, why not include a quote or statement that relates to your intended purpose and that can then be linked to the main text. By showing a broader knowledge and ability on your issue, you can convince the judges that you are a worthwhile investment for support.

Determine the criteria used by the scholarship committee to evaluate the essay.

From my experience, I have outlined what I think are the key criteria used by the scholarship committee to evaluate essays on topics of leadership and community impact. My advice is to be sure to touch on the topics mentioned in the original statement, even if they are not explicitly identified.

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