Discover the power of Tata Motors' chassis buses in streamlining your workload. Explore advanced features and cutting-edge technology designed to maximize efficiency.

Investing in the latest technology-equipped chassis that lets you work easily in an uneven rough area is a great idea. So, are you looking for an authentic & powerful bus chassis? With Tata Motors, you'll get a range of chassis at the best price.

Have a look at these next-gen feature-equipped and economical options for chassis.

  • Tata Inter City Chassis 

Tata Inter City Chassis is fitted with a robust 5600 CC engine that produces a power of 217 HP, and delivers a maximum torque of 850 Nm. This torque helps generate great performance.

The 16200 kg GVW has the advantage of bearing a higher payload easily. In addition, the 6200 mm wheelbase increases stability and comfortable drive experiences at sharp bends. Moreover, the 6-speed manual transmission gives full control over gears and increases stability power. You can go on longer routes in one go, thanks to its 350 L diesel fuel tank. Ranging from Rs 26.52 to 32.27 Lakh, this city chassis is value for money. 

  • Tata Starbus Staff Contract Chassis 

Tata Starbus Staff Contract Chassis is one of the best economical options for a 5000 CC engine that generates a maximum of 590 Nm torque. In addition, the GVW of 16200 kg and a power of 175 HP followed by 6-speed manual transmission, offer great performance with total control on the road, even in challenging road conditions. 

Talking about the wheelbase, it offers 5300 mm of wheelbase that makes the ride smooth at bends. Basically, it has a decent 250 L diesel fuel tank for long routes. Starting from Rs 25.99 Lakh, this contract chassis is worth buying. 

However, still, looking for more information regarding Tata Starbus Chassis options? Visit BusJunction.