People who have been using mobile phones and computers for a long time need to wear blue light glasses when looking at electronic screens, and not use them when not looking; If you will not be using your phone or computer for a long time, you do not need to wear anti blue light glasses.


Natural blue light is moderate and uniform, and it does have many benefits for the eyes, specifically manifested in the "beneficial" and "harmful" blue light bands that are often falsely classified as having significant problems


① The length of the blue light wave, with the optical focus in front of the retina, can form myopia defocusing, which has the function of "suppressing the deepening of myopia degree";


② Blue light promotes the secretion of dopamine by retinal cells, which has been confirmed by a large number of animal experiments to delay the growth of experimental myopia eyeballs - on the one hand, it can play a blocking role in the activation of eye growth factors leading to scleral growth; On the other hand, promoting dopamine secretion is achieved by reducing the activity of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), which is synthesized by nitric oxide and nitric oxide. The decrease in enzyme activity means that the conversion rate of NO synthesis to TH enzyme is reduced, and NO is released to the choroid, promoting vascular dilation and helping to prevent and control myopia.