In New World, players can build large towns and occupy forts, and need to compete with other New World factions for territory. Therefore, they need to craft new armor and weapons to help them achieve this, as well as use repair kits to keep everything they use in top condition.

So how do players make repair kits?

Among the many items that can be salvaged, Repair Parts are one of them. You can destroy unwanted materials by salvaging to obtain more useful items. For example, armor and weapons that are New World Coins not needed in New World can be salvaged into repair parts, and snails can be salvaged into bait. Press the left mouse button and the S button at the same time to salvage the items in the inventory. Once the salvage operation is performed, the items cannot be recovered. Players can carry 2000 repair parts at one time.

In New World's Aeternum, Repair Kits are divided into tiers. The repair parts and gold required to craft items at each level are gradually increased. As the item loses more durability, the player will need a higher Repair Kit level in order to repair the item. Because items cannot be Buy New World Coins partially repaired, instead of two Tier 2 kits, players use a Tier 4 Repair Kit. The cost of each tier when repairing an item is:

    Tier 2 Repair Kits - 55 Repair Parts
    Tier 3 Repair Kits - 100 Repair Parts
    Tier 4 Repair Kits - 175 Repair Parts
    Tier 5 Repair Kits - 350 Repair Parts

Therefore, Repair Kit and New World Coins are equally important when repairing items, and both are indispensable. The method of obtaining Repair Kit in the game is relatively simple, but it is a difficult process to accumulate enough New World Coins. If you want to get a lot of New World Coins faster, NewWorldCoins can help you. They sell tons of cheap New World Coins throughout the day, whenever you need it, just go to their official website and place an order to get it instantly.