On Switch Island, the mission of the island representative is to create a perfect holiday paradise. Also, the core game makes things exciting through updates: add-ons, festivals, theme days, and expansions. Players can choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, ACBellsBuy provides you with high quality and low price products, which will save you a lot of time.

We also know that in addition to swimming and diving, we will also get summer updates and the opportunity to collect new marine life to further collect museums and make new furniture with the help of Pascal. When I saw the islanders jumping into the sea in the latest summer update trailer, I have never been happier than this, and it also confirms that we will get the second update in August. But what might that cause? What exciting additional features will New Horizons bring after the summer?

One hope is that we will see the return of fans' favorite games in previous games. An example of this is "Mushroom Season", which was introduced in the first "Animal Crossing" adventure, except for "Wild World", which has appeared in most major games. Fortunately, we know that this fall's festival will return to "new horizons" because it has been confirmed that the mushroom season will begin in the northern hemisphere in late November this year. Similar to the "Bunny Festival", at that time you can find many DIY recipes inspired by mushrooms, including a beautiful fashionable umbrella.

DIY recipes and handmade are a major feature of New Horizons. Many fans are wondering whether this new game mechanism will be tailored according to the established Animal Crossing activities. The two biggest events in the past animal crossing game were Halloween and Christmas Eve. Players spent a month preparing the costumes and finding out the gifts the villagers wished to get. With the new DIY privileges, you may have to make seasonal gifts for your neighbors yourself or even make weird costumes for Halloween from scratch. Sounds interesting, if it is true, I can't wait to see what costume the update brings!

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