QuickBooks is full of advanced features and tools that make accounting operations effortless and much easier. But, there are some technical glitches that hamper productivity. QuickBooks Online freezing up issue arises while performing certain operations like running payroll, sending invoices, or opening company files. The thing is issues like this impact businesses in the long run. Through this blog, we will guide users on what causes QuickBooks Online freezing issue and troubleshooting solutions to fix it, so stay connected.

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Reasons why QuickBooks desktop freezes when opening?

Following are the prominent causes that freezes up QuickBooks:

  • The QBWUSER.ini file is damaged or outdated.
  • The hard drive containing QuickBooks support files is damaged or corrupted.
  • Insufficient User Access Control in Windows is causing the issue.
  • The size of the QuickBooks company file exceeds the limit.
  • The applications running in the background are taking too much space.

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Most Reliable Solutions for QuickBooks Desktop freezing up issue

Solution 1. Update QuickBooks application to the latest release

  1. Close company files, quit the QuickBooks application and click the Start menu.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, locate the QuickBooks icon and right-click it.
  3. Select the Run as administrator and choose the Help menu from the No Company Open screen.
  4. Click Update QuickBooks Desktop, go to the Options menu and choose Mark All.
  5. Click the Save button, go to the Update Now tab and mark the Reset Update checkbox to clear previously downloaded updates.
  6. Once cleared, click the Get Updates button to start downloading the new update.
  7. Finish the update, restart QuickBooks and install the update.

Solution 2. Try Verify and Rebuild Data tool to fix the QuickBooks issue

  • To verify your company file, choose File and then Utilities.
  • Click OK and close all open windows after selecting Verify Data.
  • If the ‘Your data has failed the integrity check’ message appears, there is some damage you need to rebuild the file.
  • To rebuild, click File and choose Utilities.
  • Click Rebuild Data, then OK and close open windows.
  • Before rebuilding the company file, QuickBooks will ask you to create a backup
  • Create a backup, choose Backup Preferences and wait till the backup completes.
  • Once it completes, the tool will automatically start rebuilding the data.
  • When the repair completes, check if the damage is fixed

Solution 3. Install the latest update of Microsoft

  • Open the Windows Start menu, choose Settings and select Windows Update.
  • Select Check for Updates, follow the prompt steps to install the latest Windows update, and then verify if the update is installed.

We understand resolving the QuickBooks Online freezing issue is a bit complicated. But, we expect the solutions mentioned in the blog above will help you overcome the issue. If the error reappears even after following them, contact the QuickBooks technical support team by calling us on our customer service number 1.855.738.2784.

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