Today every farmer is looking for ways to simplify farming while producing healthy and best quality yields. But sadly, not all of them are capable or aware enough to buy appropriate farming machinery and other pieces of equipment to do that.

A few decades ago, tractors were synonymous with terms like dust, vibrations, smoke, and heat. However, in the last few years, as labour shortage boomed, operator comfort and modern features in tractors became more and more mandatory. Features such as power steering, side shift gear lever, comfortable adjustable seat, extra operator space, premium driver seat and cabin, telescope steering and oil immersed hydraulic brakes have become standard fitment in most brands and models of tractors.

In fact farmers have started actively seeking for such tractor that come equipped with at least some if not all of these features. But unfortunately, these tractors are often out of their budget as well as reach!

That’s when Solis solis tractor come into the picture! Extremely simple and easy-to-use Solis tractors are farmer’s best friend. Equipped with the cutting-edge technology that comes moulded into smooth controls, these farm champions can turn farming into something completely different.

At Solis, you can get affordable modern tractors with advanced technology and the latest features that will take loads from you literally! Once deployed these Agri professionals can blossom any terrain or landscape you think of. Be it muddy, paddy, rocky or snowy field Solis tractors can truly conquer them all! With Solis tractors, you can experience luxury and affordability at the same place!

Solis as a brand always endeavours to work towards sustainable growth with advanced mechanisms. Today, as we move towards the top, we are also expanding our footprints around the globe, because at Solis, believe in delivering reliability with world-class technology and high-end services.

Our Agri experts, are known to conquer every terrain or construction site that you can think of under minimal to low maintenance thus creating a benchmark of versatility. You can take any Solis tractor be it compact or narrow and witness power, potential and performance at its best.

How Solis tractors have been successful in creating a benchmark of versatility?



Solis compact tractors are possessed with versatile features that make them an Agri professional. With unmatched versatility, we aim to make a healthier and greener ecosystem. Our farm tractors are integrated with marvellous features that offer versatility in every manoeuvre and venture. With hydraulic trailer brakes and dual lines pneumatic trailer brakes, you can ensure safe tread on your farm and construction site. Additionally, with a front PTO, quick attach TPL and mechanical self-levelling loader, you can take your manoeuvres to the next level.   QUICK ATTACH LOADER (OPT)
Versatile and precise, the quick attach loader brings innovative design and user-friendly functions like 
automatic self-levelling for the highest levels of efficiency.
The level indicator is simple & easy to use and easy to store with a stand. Moreover, the quick-change attachments & lever system help in precise loading and unloading seamlessly.



Built to cater to all your needs, Solis tractors can work with different land types and topographies. This is because our modern tractors can work with a multitude of tyre options that can easily be utilised for all sorts of farm manoeuvres regardless of the field size and field type.


The hydraulics capacity of Solis tractors enables the user to lift loads of weight effortlessly, with an advanced auxiliary hydraulic circuit and high-lifting capacity it throws high flow to the crops. Moreover, these mighty hydraulics promote the highest level of flow rate in hydraulics which in turn increases hydraulic pump efficiency.



We are using futuristic technology to bring new-age Agri-tech. We have collaborated with Yanmar, since then we are using the latest Japanese technology. Our mechanism is advanced and ensures the smooth execution of complex tasks. Recently, we have introduced some models in Stage V for European markets. This technology is perfectly suitable for European emission standards.


We are noted amongst one of the renowned tractor brands in the world. The reason behind this is that we have invented a few technologies in the agricultural world. We are one of the leading Indian company to introduce a CRDI engine. This engine requires only one fuel pump for multiple cylinders, which is beneficial for the environment as it reduces noise, smoke and particulate matter. Also, it consumes low fuel and delivers high-quality performance. We aim to transform farming into a more sustainable way.


Distributor Network

We have a global presence in more than 150+ countries. One can easily find Solis tractor dealers nearest to the location. Also, we are rapidly working towards expanding our area of the network by connecting with more dealers. We have a wide distribution network with numerous tractor dealers in many countries.

Branding collaboration

To provide you with the best of class technology, we collaborated with one of the fastest technologies in farming, which is the latest Japanese technology. Using advanced technology helps in building towards a sustainable future.

Digital Presence

With a strengthened network chain, we also have a decent presence digitally. All our products are listed on the website. Apart from this we are present on most of the digital platforms and soon going to make our digital presence more strong with the upcoming technologies.