Dubai was, until recently, not popular for tourism. What is the secret behind how Dubai been able to catch up with other major tourist destinations like Hawaii, Cannes or Bali? Others have spent decades developing their reputations and infrastructure in the hopes of becoming a top travel destination in desert safari in dubai.

Dubai has been able to surprise the tourism and hospitality experts of all kinds. They didn't expect any place, and certainly not one from the Middle East to become dominant market in the travel sector.

How did Dubai be able to create an amazing oasis in the center of desert? Dubai began its rise to not long ago when it launched the first ever Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai government made the decision to make use of this event as an opportunity to promote Dubai as a destination for holiday travel.

The Dubai Sheikh and his sons have spent years creating an infrastructure and resort area for the tourist sector. The Sheikh learned from experts in oil that the supply of oil in Dubai could be exhausted the year 2010.

The ruler of Dubai recognized that the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates could not be able to survive without oil revenues. Dubai's Sheikh Dubai therefore sought out alternative revenue sources and developed the idea of transforming Dubai into a luxury holiday destination, as well as an important business hub .The Dubai rulers invested most of their oil revenues in tourism, which has led to Dubai becoming a top tourist and business hub.

Dubai is a fantastic geographical location because it's located in the middle of where Europe, Africa and Asia meet. This has benefited particularly the MICE segment of Dubai travel and tourism industry as well as hotels. MICE stands for The Meetings and Incentives branch of the tourism business.

Dubai is home to a variety of world-class facilities for exhibitions and trade shows, including the ever-popular Dubai World Trade Centre. Every day, a different kind of event or show is being held in Dubai that attracts thousands of businesspeople each day to the bustling city. A large number of luxury hotel chains in Dubai specifically cater to the business travelers.

Dubai is a great location for trade shows or meetings because it's the ideal location for events that draw people from all over the world. When one considers the amount of flights that arrive every day at the Dubai airport, and the huge dimensions of the airport, it's difficult to believe that Dubai was the first to launch an airline in the year 1985, whereas the majority of countries have airlines since the 1950's.

The Jumeirah beach area has an array of top resorts, including Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab. Its Dubai Burj Al Arab hotel is surely the most renowned resort in the entire world, and the quality of its service as well as the luxurious and lavish facilities are not commonplace in the world of hotels. Other Dubai beaches hotels are also top-quality and are quite affordable.

There are two hotels in Dubai. Dubai Hilton Beach Hotel as well as Jebel Ali resort for example. Jebel Ali resort, for instance provide great rates for visitors or families who aren't able to afford the prices at Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab, but want to stay in five-star Dubai resort on the beach.

Dubai is home to a variety of attractions and activities that appeal to both young and old. A ski slope indoors was created and was opened just two months ago. Another great Dubai activities include the Dubai desert safaris in jeeps and a snowboarding trip in the dunes of sand, or playing 18 holes on one of the many famous golf courses around the world or simply to the many shopping centers.

The prices for many things are significantly lower than back home take a look for an excellent bargain. It is recommended to spend some time in any of Dubai souks, such as The Dubai Gold Souk. It's a wonderful experience that should be enjoyed by any visitor to Dubai. Remember that you will be required to bargain over the cost, but keep a smile on your face!

The best time during the entire year for visit Dubai is between October and around April. In these months, the climate in Dubai is cooler, so it is ideal for tourists. The weather in July and August can be extremely uncomfortable, with many residents looking to take a vacation to travel with their families to a destination that has more moderate temperatures.

The current trends appear to suggest that Dubai will see significantly more tourists this year in the months of July and August than in any previous year. A lot of Europeans are choosing Dubai as their summer vacation destination , as opposed to Jamaica and Cuba.

Future prospects for the Dubai tourism industry keeps growing brighter and brighter, and there is no indication that it will slow any time in the near future!