When you are assigned to write a Civil War research paper, it presents you with a wonderful opportunity to craft an interesting, even fascinating paper.  History buffs know this already but it may be difficult to believe for those high school and college students who are only slogging through their American history classes because they are required. Sometimes, you haven't time for write my paper for me , so you can just visit our website. Unless a student is taught by one of those rare, wonderful instructors who know how to make our nation’s history exactly what it really is – hundreds of years of intrigue, fighting, violence, triumphs, betrayals, tragedies, celebrations, and innovations – then the entire subject of history can often seem like one of the driest.  This is unfortunate, because in retrospect American history in general and the Civil War in particular are actually very fascinating subjects.

This may be extremely hard to believe, but really, just think about it.  The sagas that went on during the Civil War make today’s most melodramatic movies, television shows, and staged tragedies seem almost stale.  When you have the opportunity to write a Civil War research paper, you need to think about that.  There are an abundance of good research paper topics within the broader subject of the Civil War.  Honestly, really consider the possibilities – this was a war which pitted brothers against brothers.  Fathers were against sons, leaving mothers to choose between their husbands and their beloved children.  For you romantics out there, remember that lovers were set up against lovers as well – and many romances blossomed out of sheer desperation.

So, let’s talk about a few possible research paper ideas for a Civil War research paper.  To be sure, there are no shortage of them.  There are the events of the war themselves, so you could do research on the Emancipation Proclamation, or even the events and decisions which ultimately resulted in its being called the Civil War.  You could choose to research one or more of the many women who played an important part in the war; that and like minded ideas are ideal for those looking to put a bit of a feminist bent on their history research papers. 

Always remember, as well, that the most interesting research papers are always going to be somewhat controversial.  Mind, this does not mean that you should be at all offensive.  It simply means that if you have a chance to tackle a topic which others may be wary of approaching, if you are comfortable with it and it is all right by your instructors, go for it.  In the case of the Civil War, this could involve choosing to research topics related to racism, which was of course central to every single part of the war; the same goes for the subject of slavery.  You could also look into acts of treason which took place during the war.  You could also research the subject of why, exactly, Union soldiers were called “Billy Yank” and Confederate soldiers were called “Johnny Reb.”

If all else fails, think about Gone with the Wind when you sit down to write your Civil War research paper.  It depicts the high drama of the South at the time, sure, but it has gotten a whole lot of people interested in the war to begin with.  Sometimes, the best way to find inspiration during the research paper writing process is to associate what we have to write about with something that interests us.  Ergo, someone writing a biology paper on diseases might draw on the fact that they like House or ER, or refer to any appropriate books they enjoy – simply because such associations remind us that we are interested in the subject at hand.  Even if it happens to be history. 

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