Final Fantasy XIV, a story that began nine years ago, now ends with a shocking and moving finale, with the promise of new adventures waiting on the horizon. But Endwalker doesn't just mark the end of the Hydaelyn/Zodiak saga. For some loyal players, Endwalker also provides a final epilogue to the Final Fantasy XIV reboot as well as A Realm Reborn's previous games.

The original Final Fantasy XIV Online was criticized by players as lacking in character, cohesion, and joy, and even dissatisfied with every feature from the UI to the storytelling. At the Game Developers Conference 2014, FFXIV's Game Director Naoki Yoshida touched on some of the problems with 1.0, specifically mentioning Square Enix's over-reliance on delivering beautiful games at the expense of performance and content.

After that, the battle system of Final Fantasy XIV has been transformed, adding more classic occupations. The main quest has been significantly improved and players have more opportunities to earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Graphics updates are also more balanced. The game was and is beautiful, and the player's system doesn't stutter when loading. Although 1.0 ended with Square Enix completely blowing up the world, Endwalker's story still takes time to acknowledge the journey 1.0 players have taken from those rough early days to now.

Veteran players have noticed and respected Endwalker's tribute to 1.0, which includes a nearly one-by-one remake of the mechanics of 1.0's introductory missions. While ARR and subsequent expansions dramatically changed the Final Fantasy XIV legacy trajectory, 1.0 laid the groundwork for what all fans will love about Final Fantasy XIV. Second, for those players who still have a lot of quests left in Endwalker, they can Buy FFXIV Gil at IGGM.