1. Change the Storyline

One of the key factors that help a serial get a huge fan following is its story. Many famous serials had a unique BhagyaLakshmi Written Update story with powerful messages. Some of them even tackled sensitive issues like bonded child labour or child marriage.

Besides this, a good storyline should also be based on the reality and not on fiction. There must not be any love triangles or bollywood style drama in Indian TV shows.

Humsafar was a classic example of how an interesting plot can make a show stand out from the rest. The show enthralled a nation and launched Fawad and Mahira to stardom. It also proved that a big budget is not necessary to create quality content. The story was a map of the human heart with romance, jealousy and tragedy. It is still one of the most popular Pakistani dramas.
2. Change the Characters

The characters in Indian drama serials are often stereotypical. They're usually good-natured, selfless and can never do anything wrong. They respect their husbands, children, parents, grannies, neighbors, and even cats and dogs.

This kind of character has made our TV serials very boring and predictable. It's about time we started changing the characters in Indian drama serials to make them more realistic and interesting. Take for example Sasural Simar Ka. This show used to air with a theme of educating girls and making them independent but it has now turned into a typical saas-bahu serial. This is not what the Indian audience wants to watch.
4. Change the Format

Whether we like it or not, television has come to construct reality and the Indian family is no exception. The melodramatic content in the serials portrays a particular view of families which are not always realistic and at times are not relatable to the viewers.

The themes vary from one serial to the other, but they all have certain common elements. For example, the depiction of 'good' and 'evil' are present in every serial. The evil is portrayed as a mother-in-law or sister-in-law while the 'good' is the obedient daughter-in-law who struggles to fight against the villains.

Some serials like Naagin and Humsafar are based on real-time and showcase the different aspects of India. Others take on social issues such as the 26/11 terror attacks, child marriage, and a love story. They also follow the Indian film format of elaborate sets, camera angles, costumes, and song & dance sequences.
5. Change the Music

The music in Indian drama serials is always too loud. This makes it hard to hear the dialogue. It also makes the story harder to follow. Plus, it’s annoying to listen to the same song over and over again. Instead, try using a different song for each scene.

It’s always based on BIG family and love affairs. It started with educating girls and making them self-sufficient, but now it’s just another typical saas-bahu serial.