ISO 45001 Certification in Bangalore talks about improvement but the sub clauses turn out to be a bit confusing though each sub clause explains about improvement. However, the sub clauses are as follows:

This sub clause talks about identification of opportunities for the improvement of OHSAS to obtain the desired result. It’s not only identification but also proper steps should be taken so as to exhibit the opportunities which had been identified. Also, there is an APPENDIX A that’s available in this sub clause which provides guidelines that makes the understanding of the standard much better and clear. Moreover, this appendix also mentions that making plans as well as completing them to exhibit the opportunities can be very helpful in achieving the objectives of the OHSAS performance.




ISO 45001 Consultants in Bangalore is all about the corrective action that can be taken when an OHSAS incident occurs. There is a process as well wherein the root cause of the systematic problem is addressed and then there is a planning done to fix the problem from the root so that nothing of that sort ever happens again. In this way there is an assurance given to each and every person in the organisation that a particular problem could never occur again and whenever there’s something new that causes a problem, it’s in the same way that it’s dealt with and obviously the same assurance prevails throughout that particular incident and so on. Also, there’s APPENDIX A that exists and it provides a plea of incidents, nonconformities and corrective actions as well. In this way, through examples any situation could be better dealt with and it’s evident through the examples that’s provided by the APPENDIX A. The examples of the unwanted incidents are process nonconformity, falls, not meeting legal requirements, etc.




To ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the OHSAS is the only motive of this sub clause. And for this, this final sub clause calls for finding the continual improvements. Also, there is another dilemma and that’s how to make OHSAS better. Clause 10.1 is about improving the performance of OHSAS but this clause aims at making improvements in the standard only. So, it’s quite certain that this sub clause aims at making OHSAS very strong from the base and also aims at increasing the overall performance rate of the standard.




No doubt, improvement is one of the key principles behind all the ISO management systems but for making the system better, certain data-based decisions have to be taken which implies monitoring, measuring, analysing and evaluating data as per CLAUSE 9 along with performance evaluation. Altogether, companies performing all of these steps are in the process of improving the performance of OHSAS in their companies respectively. Also, there’s CLAUSE 10 that provides the best foundational framework to make this happen.


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